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Ogilvy Group Sofia

"... Ogilvy Group Sofia, which is among the biggest full-service advertising agencies in Bulgaria, has had the pleasure of working with "Right Rental" on a couple of projects during past year. In this period the PR and BTL agencies, part of Ogilvy Group, organized some very important press-conferences, events and promotions and "Right Rental" has the assignment to ensure very important part of them like setting flowers, food and drinks.

Referring to our common work on the above-mentioned occasions, we can describe our relationship with "Right Rental" as highly professional, resourceful and very constructive in terms of results. The working team from "Right Rental" have led all projects very responsibly to their successful completion. They has managed to secure a very good working relationship with Ogily Group by facilitation a smooth flow of communication and fastening a perfect coordination of all distant activities.

For all of the above reasons, Ogilvy Group has no hesitation in recommending "Right Rental" to all potential clients and for any challenging projects that require professional handling."

Nikolay Ganev (Event Manager)

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