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Open Cube

PN: 012302009

Open Cube is a luminous, minimalist shelf that immediately creates a lounge atmosphere. The bottom of the cube glows of a soft, sensuous light that showcases at their best your favourite books or objects. 

Open Cube can be arranged in countless combinations –  several cubes can go horizontally side by side or be vertically piled up. Different arrangements allow many different uses: as a bedside table, a coffee table, a bookshelf, a library, a storage space, a unique shop rack and much, much more. 

Made of polyethylene by means of rotational moulding, Open Cube is lightweight and resistant. 

Height: 43 cm 
Width: 43 cm 
Depth: 43 cm 

Weight: 6 kg. 
Material: Polyethylene

Open Cube, picture 3665Open Cube, picture 3666Open Cube, picture 3667Open Cube, picture 3668Open Cube, picture 3669Open Cube, picture 3670Open Cube, picture 3671Open Cube, picture 3672

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