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PN: 012302002

Designed by Giò Colonna Romano, Giò Wind is an unusual, surprisingly versatile room divider. 

The geometric Giò Wind modules can be put on top of each other, thus creating countless sceneries very easy to set up. Made of polyethylene by means of the rotational moulding technique, Giò Wind is suitable for both indoor  spaces.  Available in white, this room divider adds a seductive feel to any space through its soft light and curvy lines. 

Height: 200 cm 
Width: 20 cm 
Lenght: 145 cm 

Material: Polyethylene 
Weight: 40 kg.

GIO WIND, picture 3656GIO WIND, picture 3657GIO WIND, picture 3658GIO WIND, picture 3659

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