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Luminous furniture SLIDE/ Lamps


PN: 012302001

Cubo, with its light sweet and sensual lets you create a lounge environment. In a living room or around a table, Cubo invites you to prolong the intimacy of your evenings. Besides lighting, Cubo can be used as a stool or as a side table or as hanging lamp, thanks to its great strength and its size. Available only in white light. 

Height: 43 / 73 cm 
Width: 43 / 73 cm 
Depth: 43 / 73 cm 

Weight: 4,1 / 20 кг. 
Material: Polyethylene

Cubo, picture 3687Cubo, picture 3685Cubo, picture 3686Cubo, picture 3683Cubo, picture 3682

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