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PN: 012303003, 012303001, 012303002

Lightree is a floor lamp with an essential, bold design. It re-interprets the traditional mountain pine and adds a special light and colour to the Christmas atmosphere. 

Designed by Loetizia Censi, Lightree can fit in any kind of space (small or big) thanks to its various sizes. It is available in a range of heights that span from just 45 cm to 100 cm or 150 cm (both also suitable for outdoor settings), to scenically reach 2 metres. 

Dimensions for Lightree N 012303003 H/W/D: 45/30/ 12cm

Weight: 1,1 kg.

Dimensions for Lightree N 012303001 H/W/D: 110/64/ 15 cm

Weight: 5 kg

Dimensions for Lightree N 012303002 H/W/D: 150/95/ 24 cm

Weight:  14 kg

Material: Polyethylene


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