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Rozhen fest 2016

There's no one who have been in Rhodope mountain and did not fall in love in it - in the magnificient pine trees, in the Rodopi's songs, in the authentic kaba-pipes in in the Rhodope's barbecue.


And now Rhodope mountain get us together again for the Festival of Rozhen - the fest of folklore and livestock breeding. At the very begining in 1898 it was a family meeting, but with the time it progressed as a National folk festival.


The innovative cultural event presents folk songs, customs, rituals, oral folklore, dances, clothing and costumes – a full representation of our traditional folk culture. In today’s world this cultural wealth brings joy, pride, national identity and promotes a quest for and preservation of ethnicity. The festival offers a large-scale exhibition of the traditional Bulgarian occupation of livestock breeding, presented in our modern times.



This year the organizers of the Rozhen fest trusted us again for the event equipment for the exhibitors and participants. Under the tent of Athena there will be traditional crafts, dairy and meat products, organic food and drinks, etc. Under the tents of Aluhall guests can view different ethnographic and museum exhibitions. 



Every guest can see Folk games and wrestling matches, expositions of sheep, goats, horses, dogs, cows and buffaloes, culinary shows and cheverme cooking, horse attractions, folk festivities. The main part of the event will be the folklore competition “Rozhen”.



The festival will be in the Rozhen yards in Smolian at 15, 16 and 17th July 2016. Expect more photos of the fest in our FB page.

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