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TFS Constructions


Its striking taut roof fabric, amazingly high inside space, the unique arched form and careful finishing make the TFS the highlight of our range. The TFS is suitable for temporary and (semi-)permanent use for various purposes: large events such as exhibitions and music festivals, warehousing, hangars for industrial applications, indoor sports halls for tennis, football, basketball, ... Its unique shape provides a spectacular view from the inside as well as from the outside.

The TFS comprises a strong aluminium construction covered with a PVC synthetic skin. The construction combines the advantages of a lightweight structure (speed of assembly and disassembly and movability) with strength, safety and the finishing of permanent buildings. Thanks to the high roof pitch of 25°, the  curved side profiles, the type of fabric and its perfect tensioning, the TFS can be built in areas with high snow loads.

It is a self-supporting anodised aluminium construction that rests on galvanised steel base-plates. The standard  anchoring is realised with stakes. All parts are connected with pins for quick and easy installation. The stability  is ensured using wind bracing. The structure complies with the EN13782 standard.

Roof and gable fabrics are made of high-quality, PVC coated polyester fabric, available in translucent and blackout in different colours. This fabric is stretched in two directions: vertically using tension tubes and horizontally using telescopic purlins. The fabric is flame-retardant, UV-stabilised and has been treated to make it weather-resistant. It also complies with the strictest European and international standards on fire safety and wind loads.

Standard width: 30 m / 40 m / 50 m
Standard length: modular per 5 m
Side height: variable
Bay distance: 5 m (4 m for TFS 50 m)

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